Established by Luciana Fazio in 2010, Ama Srl started out producing scarves and home textiles for some of the major international fashion houses. In 2016 Gian Marco Tavani, Luciana’s son, joined the company, and together they launched Ama Pure, a brand of accessories made from 100% top-quality cashmere or merino wool.
Ama Pure’s unique pieces are created with the purest materials, sourced from the Mongolian high plains and produced by expert craftsmen, using sustainable traditional techniques: all pieces are woven on traditional looms and finished by hand. Luciana supervises all phases of production. Her exceptional expertise and extreme attention to detail have established Ama Pure as a brand of authentic, timeless, wearable art.



56 Alabin Street

Sofia, Bulgaria

tel. +359 (0) 2 9804196

mob. +359 (0) 887 339 400

WhatsApp:  +359 (0) 887 339 400

Luxury Designer Multibrand Boutique


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